Kelly Saxton and Judy Lee Vogland at 12×16 Gallery

Judy Lee Vogland “Ruby’s search for a suitable suitor” 38″x14″x3″ mixed media 2017

Kelly Saxton “wrapped in clouds” 8″x11″ steel, rice paper, graphite, bees wax 2017


Kelly Saxton and Judy Lee Vogland @ 12×16 Gallery    Portland, OR

October 5-29, 2017



Roll Up Photo Studio and Gallery

April 1-30

Friday, April 1
Opening Reception
6-9 PM

Wednesday, April 20
Design Week Portland Open House
4-7 PM

Featuring Pacific Northwest artists working on and with paper, the exhibit includes a Design Week Portland event spotlighting handmade paper lanterns by HiiH Lights (pronounced “Hi Hi”). For the month of April, Roll-Up’s 3000-square-foot warehouse studio transforms into a forest of light while the gallery presents eleven artists working in printmaking, encaustic, mixed media, letterpress, collage, painting, calligraphy and drawing.

Claire Dannenbaum, Cary Doucette, Kathy Kuehn, Meg McHutchison, Eunice Parsons, Harriet Sanderson, Kelly Saxton, JC Schlechter, Ingrid Slezak, Lawrence Wheeler and Brad Winter.

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