Kelly lives and works among her own personal flora and fauna in the foothills of the Oregon coast range. Exhibits time based mixed media landscape, chronicles creatures, and she collaborates with multidisciplinary artists; locally, nationally and internationally.

Owner: Hand-coloured dye studio: custom dyed yarns and fabrics, colour consultation and matching.

Kelly attended Portland State University, Blackhawk Mountain School of Art, and received an MFA from Pratt Institute in painting and art history.


My work has developed through observing the constant subtle changes within the Northwest landscape. Changes that metamorphose through growth, bloom and gradual decline.  Observation and quick glimpses can reveal unexpected surprises which within moments can visually distort the character of the surrounding landscape. These surprises are often missed or go unnoticed as seasons change, time of day, weather and the chaos of the everyday grinds presses forward.

Resume available upon request kellysaxton@me.com